A pregnant mum lost half her blood when she started bleeding profusely while looking after her other children at home.

Emma Howard, then expecting her fourth child, was changing her young son when she noticed what was happening.

Fiancé Phil Cavanagh got a phone call at work from one of his daughters and immediately left to be at his partner’s side, reports Cambridgeshire Live.

He said: "It was a parent’s worst nightmare. I had one of my girls phone up and tell me that Emma was bleeding.

"I immediately left work, and luckily I don’t work that far away from home.

"When I walked in, it was like a nightmare, it was like walking into a bloodbath.

"My first thought was we had lost the baby."

Phil added: "There was blood everywhere. It was awful our little one had to witness that."

Phil said he was even more shocked because Emma had already had three other children naturally without any problems.

"The first responder arrived, then the paramedics. After about an hour and a half the air ambulance arrived and took us to Addenbrooke’s," Phil said.

"There was a full surgical team waiting there to try and save Emma and the baby.

"One of the doctors told me she had already lost about half of her blood, they had to give her a blood transfusion."

It was explained that Emma had suffered a rare placental abruption, a complication in which the placenta separates before childbirth.

Doctors were forced to induce Emma into labour. She hemorrhaged before and after giving birth to their daughter Jessie through Caersarean section.

But thankfully both mum and baby pulled through, and now seven months later they are doing well.

Emma and Phil’s experience has promoted them to try and spread awareness about the condition that endangered Emma and Jessie.

According to the NHS, a placental abruption is a "serious condition in which the placenta starts to come away from the inside of the womb wall".

It can cause stomach pain, bleeding from the vagina and frequent contractions.

It’s not clear what causes the condition, but factors that can increase the risk include previous injuries to the abdominal area, smoking and high blood pressure.

Emma and Phil also praised everyone in the emergency services that helped them, and even went to meet the air ambulance crew who rushed them to hospital seven months ago.

They also thanked the councillors at Petals in Addenbrooke’s and everyone who had helped them through their ordeal.

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