Leading up to the birth of their daughter, Pilar Jhena, Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley got in a fight in a new clip.

Ahead of the arrival of Porsha Williams‘ and fiancé Dennis McKinley’s one-month-old baby daughter, Pilar Jhena, the couple filmed new Bravo reality television show Porsha’s Having A Baby. In a new clip released of the upcoming show, Porsha and Dennis got into an argument about the abundance of his clothes in their basement, while Porsha encouraged him to get rid of a lot of it. Additionally, Porsha also said that she feels like Dennis isn’t “settled” in their house, and she wants him to be settled when they bring their new baby home.

The show is a spin-off of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and will chronicle the 37-year-old mother’s pregnancy and road to motherhood. From the clip, it looks like there will be drama involved, but we’re not surprised, since it’s Bravo! Porsha’s teasing of her 38-year-old fiancé seemed playful, but it could’ve been hinting at something more underneath the surface.

In Porsha’s caption on her ‘gram, she said, “Press Play: Whew Chile @bravo shady captions ‘Dennis whole life’ 😂 Love y’all Tune in April 28th @bravotv @pilarjhena.” Of course, we’re not worried about Porsha and Dennis – the two are still on track to get married by New Year’s Eve!

Porsha previously shared another clip of the show two days ago, in which she talked about her baby shower. We can’t wait to tune into Porsha’s Having A Baby, and for the next few days leading up to it, we can catch up on adorable pics of Pilar on her own Instagram!

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