Arianators, it’s here — no, not Ariana Grande’s video for "Thank U, Next," but something even more personal. Grande’s four-part YouTube docuseries, Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries is up. And let’s be honest, there’s one question we’re all asking ourselves: Is Pete Davidson in Dangerous Woman Diaries?

UPDATE: Davidson does appear in the background in Episode 1, at the 24:18-mark, though he is not in focus and does not seem to appear principally in any other scene.

EARLIER: Grande’s docuseries premiered Thursday, Nov. 29, taking fans behind the scenes of her Dangerous Woman tour and her creative process. The first episode is available for free on Grande’s YouTube page, while the other three episodes will be rolled out week by week, according to Vanity Fair. Those who have YouTube Premium can watch them all now. But as to whether or not Davidson, Grande’s former fiancé, appears in the series, the answer is no.

Davidson’s absence from the series isn’t all that surprising being that he and Grande called off their engagement last month. But, it should also be mentioned that the four-episode series doesn’t mention her love life. She’s not talking about Davidson, but she’s also not talking about her late ex Mac Miller either.

This series is all about Ariana, who, as she made very clear in "Thank U, Next," is her new bestie and she’s so good with that. The documentary is more interested in Grande’s relationship with herself, her family, and her fans, which are almost like her family, than any one particular guy. It’s all of them that helped make Sweetener even more sweet.

More importantly, this documentary feels like Ariana’s way of saying goodbye to her past, specifically the past year, and letting everyone see what the future holds from new music to total pop culture domination.

The first episode focuses on the making of Sweetener, which was Grande showing a new style. One that Pharrell so wisely described as "rainbow cloud" songs. The footage of the making of the album shows just how much control Grande has over her music and her videos. Also, just how much fun she has doing all of this, even when she’s shooting into the wee hours of the morning.

The behind the scenes footage of her filming the video for "The Light Is Coming" has her shooting her own Blair Witch Project that includes way more beetles and slippery roots. Not to mention her backup dancer Brian Nicholson sitting down so hard that it took his breath away.

Grande’s appeal has always been her accessibility, her "just like us"-ness. Watching her talk about Madonna’s cameo in the "God Is A Woman" video is such a sweet reminder of that. "Guys, life doesn’t get better than this," Grande says while creeping closer to the camera, as if she’s whispering in your ear. "I swear to god if something changes, honest to god, knock me out."

Just like that particular song, this docuseries has Grande coming into her own as an artist and as a person. It’s not about Davidson, who was with her throughout much of what the documentary highlights even if he is nowhere to be seen. Her exes taught her about love, patience, and pain, but she’s learned a lot on her own just by pushing herself to keep going even when it wasn’t easy. That includes a whirlwind romance that ended in a very public breakup.

Her fans have been right there with her, longer than any boyfriend. And undoubtedly they’ll continue with her on this journey long after this documentary ends.

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