‘I realised I’m asexual’: Divorced people reveal the VERY startling revelations that only dawned on them after their marriages broke down

  • Whisper user revealed how their life changed after going through divorce 
  • Many people shared the realisation that they don’t have many friends 
  • One person told the difficulty of separating from her ex husband’s family 
  • Another spoke about the challenges of finding a relationship with someone new 
  • Others confessed they discovered new confidence after finalizing their divorce 

Getting divorced is always a life-changing experience, but for some it’s come with life lessons they never could have predicted. 

Writing on the anonymous confessions app Whisper, people from around the world spoke candidly about the startling realisations that only dawned on them after their marriages broke down. 

While some said they hadn’t realised how unhappy they were, others had a more dramatic experience with the explanation for the breakup suddenly falling into place for one person that realised they’re asexual. 

One man realised that he has absolutely nothing in his life, not even hobbies, now that his wife is gone. 

And another said that he had totally forgotten than he prefers to date older women.  

Surprising revelation: An asexual individual revealed on the anonymous confession app Whisper that they were unaware of of how they were really feeling until their marriage ended 

Blast from the past! It wasn’t until this man divorced that he remembered his preference is for dating older women  

People from around the world spoke about the lessons they learnt after going through divorce in an anonymous thread on Whisper, one person realised they don’t have many friends

An individual who is now looking for a new partner confessed they didn’t realise how emotionally abusive their former partner was until after they divorced

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One person was unaware of their deep feelings towards their best friend until after they separated from their spouse

Another individual spoke candidly about feeling sexually frustrated in their new single life

An individual who finds being single lonely revealed they’ve found happiness and comfort since getting divorced

One woman confessed she found separating from her ex husband’s family more difficult than leaving her partner

Another individual shared the moment they realised they had nothing else in their life than their former love

A  divorcee to be compared the process to having a second job because of the amount of work required 

One person confessed they’ve been struggling to make new friends since their divorce 

Another woman revealed her emotions were suppressed until she received the divorce papers from her husband

One person claimed they’ve struggled to find a  new relationship since getting divorced 


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