Ever since You got picked up by Netflix, the conversation surrounding the TV show has gone positively viral. Not only are Netflix subscribers devouring the short 10-episode first season, but they’re bringing all of their thoughts to social media. (It’s a bit funny given the context, right?) As such, we have a veritable flash flood of tweets about how creepy the show is, why it’s hard to pity Beck, and even why Peach is an entire mood for 2019. But there’s one part of this whole discourse that has caused some light ripples of concern: many people are thirsting after Joe.

Look, I get it, it’s all just fun. Twitter has become a space to hyperbolize yourself and say edgy things (within reason), so saying Joe Goldberg is “bae” because of all the murdery things he does for Beck? I’d say it’s par for the course. But for Penn Badgley, the man playing the monster, it’s all kinds of problematic. I guess it tracks: even before the show blew up, he confessed how much he hated Joe and said he had a hard time getting into character. Badgley started responding to tweets that romanticized and humanized Joe (regardless of how serious said tweet-writer was). Eventually, his cries of concern blossomed into a full-tilt New York Times interview. Not only did You go viral on Netflix, but so too did Badgley as he attempted to shed light on Joe’s monstrous core.

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