Four-time Olympic champion Sanya Richards-Ross has a new business venture where she’s helping busy moms style their family’s holiday cards and we’ve got all the details!

Sanya Richards-Ross, 33, is known for being a gold medalist, but this multi-talented star can do it all! Sanya has transitioned her talent from track and field to her newest endeavor, CoordiNation, the only online community dedicated to helping black moms achieve style victory by curating looks and moments for the whole family. The four-time Olympic champion teamed up with celebrity stylist and Beyoncé Knowles guru, Ty Hunter, as a guest speaker to collaborate on her online community, and gave HollywoodLife an EXCLUSIVE look at what she’d envision Queen Bey and fam dressed in for their holiday card.

“Beyoncé is such a fashion icon and she came out to the Global Citizen Festival with this wet and wavy hair, and she had these huge gold earrings on, and I loved the way that looked,” Sanya gushed. “So I think I would take my inspiration from that look. I would do something gold on Beyoncé because I see her as a queen and maybe a gold dress. I love the way she dresses her daughter, Blue, and I feel like she always keeps Blue true to her age,” Sanya explained who is also the mother of one to her adorable 17-month-old son, Aaron Ross II, she shares with her Super Bowl champion husband, Aaron Ross, 36.

“All of Blue’s outfits are always age appropriate, she doesn’t style her like a teenager. I feel like her outfits are always true to her age and still shows her personality and I love that about her. With Jay-Z, I feel like there was a time he used to dress very flashy, but now with time, I feel like he’s come into his manhood and I love the way he dresses. He dresses very simple and classic and I love the way he carries himself and the way he dresses his family, as well.”

Sanya described her inspiration behind CoordiNation, “It’s an amazing platform that I founded with my sister and cousin. We all love coordinating our own families and we became obsessed with finding cute outfits that weren’t always matchy-matchy, but always included a color theme. We started to get a tremendous response from our followers. They would ask how we found the time, the pieces, and so we started this company. Our goal is to help busy moms coordinate their own family by offering a styling component to our company. We plan to help moms plan for their Christmas photos or vacations, and then we plan to roll out other services over time.”

As far as what life has been like transitioning from an athlete to motherhood, family, and a business, Sanya said, “It has been an incredible transition, but there have been times when it’s been a little strange for me to not be planning for the next world championship because that was my dream and my life for so many years. I ran for over 25 years, for the majority of my life. But this CoordiNation project has felt like I’ve fallen in love again with something, and so that has been very rewarding. To be able to use all of the skills that I’ve learned from being an athlete, working hard, setting new goals, not getting derailed, so I’m super excited. This is kind of my new baby to blossom and hopefully be a big part of my life for a long time.”

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