We’ve known for quite some time that American Horror Story loves to play with time. I mean, the full span of the series alone takes up a good five or six centuries. This time around, Apocalypse has proven to be just as slippery. We begin at one point, then leap forward 18 months, then rewind three years. And though we’ve been dwelling in this three-years-prior flashback for quite a few episodes now, we’re also experiencing flashbacks within that flashback. It’s enough to give you a real headache. Even the most attentive fans may be having trouble.

On top of all this time-play within the eighth season, the fact that it’s a Murder House and Coven crossover means we also have to keep the timelines for those seasons in mind while we navigate these evil waters. Whew. Lucky for you, I had the time, and I’ve compiled all the important dates from the previous seasons, plus nailed down a concrete timeline of everything we’ve learned in Apocalypse. If you’re having trouble keeping track, this one’s for you.

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