‘Santa Clarita Diet’ fans were left in shock and heartbreak after Netflix announced it was officially cancelling the series after three seasons on Apr. 26, and they took to Twitter to take a stand for the horror-comedy.

Santa Clarita Diet is no more but fans are just not having it. The Netflix series, starring Drew Barrymore, 44, and  Timothy Olyphant, 50, has officially been cancelled by the network after three seasons, and when the news was announced on Apr. 26, it caused mayhem from lovers of the zombie-themed show all over Twitter. From threats of cancelling their Netflix subscriptions to messages of heartbreak, these fans made sure to let the world know they’re not ready to take this loss lightly.

“Dear @netflix, please renew #SantaClaritaDiet or I swear I’m just going to cancel my subscription. I can’t sit by and watch good original shows get cancelled while you stock up your catalogue with terrible films and series,” one tweet read. “I think what really upsets me about @netflix cancelling #SantaClaritaDiet is that it makes NO SENSE. They’re willing to shell out millions to keep old shows like friends and The Office, but not to renew SUCCESSFUL SHOWS THEY ACTUALLY MADE??? I am not ok #SaveSantaClaritaDiet,” another read.

“Big mistake, Netflix. Big. HUGE. #SantaClaritaDiet,” a third fan posted. “Legit cancelled my subscription to Netflix last night after finding out they cancelled #SantaClaritaDiet,” yet another tweet read. These upsetting tweets also turned into petitions, with some fans choosing to get signatures from other fans to try and save the show instead of just expressing disappointment on the social media site.

It’s easy to understand why fans of the series would be disappointed. The show, which was created by Victor Fresco, was quite a unique one. Drew and Timothy played a married couple involved in real estate, and everything about their life seemed pretty normal until Drew’s character, Shelia, turned into a real life zombie, who craves human flesh and can only survive by eating it. The thrilling episodes then focused on Shelia trying to do anything and everything to get what she needed, including killing characters one by one, without getting caught by police, until she and her husband could figure out a cure for her condition.

Drew and Timothy have yet to publicly post about the sad news of the cancellation.

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