Neil Lane is used to having jaw-dropping jewels at the ready.

As the Hollywood jeweler told Page Six Style on Wednesday, it’s best to expect the unexpected when it comes to dressing stars in diamonds, especially for an awards show as big as the Oscars.

But while Lane said it’s tough to predict the jewelry trends we’ll see on Sunday’s red carpet (“Today, there’s so many different styles and fashions,” he explained), he’s definitely expecting to see “a lot of homages to Karl Lagerfeld,” the iconic Chanel designer who died Tuesday in Paris at the age of 85.

“There are so many different possibilities that I sort of have to have an arsenal of jewels,” the newly minted author of “Style Your Wedding with Neil Lane” noted.

Lane, whose dazzling gems have been worn by Emily Blunt and Elisabeth Moss, among countless others, recalled how Best Actress nominee Lady Gaga made waves with her red carpet jewels back in 2016.

“There isn’t one rule anymore — there used to be. It used to be more is too much and now, sometimes, more is more. It used to be one diamond bracelet, and now seven are perfectly fine,” Lane explained.

“Lady Gaga wore this one big diamond cuff when she won her first Golden Globe [for Best Actress in ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’], but they wanted two matching ones,” he said.

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