During these past eight weeks since lockdown began, some of us have been struggling to find things to do.

And despite all this time, the one thing we are all reluctant to attempt, is the dreaded wardrobe clear out.

If you’re like us and find yourself starting it and then getting distracted by something else, then you’re not alone.

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The endless scrolling on social media, making a cup of tea and then not getting back up from the sofa, are all perfectly sound excuses for ignoring sorting you're wardrobe out, especially if you really have too many clothes to fit back in.

But have no fear, we’ve found a hack that will have you wondering what to do with all the new space you’ve got – check out all our fab shopping posts of course, obv!

Tik Tok user Holly Vlogs is one of our go to people as she often shares hacks on her page.

One of her most recent videos shows her using the ring-pulls from canned drinks as a storage saving solution in her closet.

With over 200,000 views, we’ve broken down how to do the genius hack below.

Holly simply takes the ring-pulls and puts a coat hanger hook through one of the hoops.

She then takes another hanger and hooks it through the other loop, connecting them together.

This allows you to hang multiple garments technically off of one hanger, optimising your space greatly.

Yes. It’s that simple.

You can even start hanging items by type or outfit to make getting dressed super easy in the morning, we can't believe we've never done this before!

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If clearing out your closet has been a task on your to-do list then why not take part in OK!'s Closet Clear Out for Refuge campaign.

Join the likes of Joan Collins, Kym Marsh and Katie Price and get involved by doing the following.

We're asking people to clear out their wardrobes, donate £5 to Refuge by texting OK4REFUGE 5 to 70480 and then nominate 5 friends.

But if you don't want to part ways with your clothes, create more space with this hack.

Not only have we fallen in love with the space saving hack, but viewers have praised Holly for sharing.

One Tik Tok user even said “You have legit changed my life, and I love you for it”, and we couldn’t agree more.

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So if you’re needing the motivation to dive into your wardrobe, let this be it.

Save the upset of parting with that dress you haven’t worn for over six months, you can keep it all with the help of this hack.

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