Yes, I’ve been hogging the limelight a little lately – but I can’t help being a stunningly beautiful Hollywood actress with a baby on the way.

Just ask any of my celebrity friends, I’m a really great person.  Serena Williams will tell you how brilliant I am and the Clooneys just adore me.

Maybe it’s that my hair is glossier than hers? Or perhaps she’s jealous that my family make Uncle Gary look tame?

Inside Meghan Markle and Kate’s ‘extraordinarily tense’ relationship after ‘stressful’ dress fitting and Harry’s ‘anger at red carpet treatment’

I’ve got to say that I didn’t feel a very warm welcome from William and Kate when I first moved into Kensington Palace.

I find that odd because I just love entertaining – have I mentioned that I’m also an amazing cook? How can we become more sisterly? Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

DEIDRE SAYS: The Royal Family have a painful history with stylish women from the States, so it was never going to be that easy.

We Brits, especially the posh ones, shudder at name-dropping. Kate actually comes from a middle-class family herself, so had to learn the Firm’s code of what is acceptable as an incomer.

Interestingly, you’ve also fought your way up the social ladder in the States, and the American way is assertively to display your strengths and achievements. But now you’re a royal, stop mentioning how well connected you are.

Why not ask Kate to give you some tips on how to go down well in British society. She’ll love you for it. You’re more similar than dissimilar.

DEAR DEIDRE: ONE doesn’t usually like to cry, but I’ve been finding the tension between myself and my new sister-in-law untenable.

And no, it’s not just because her wardrobe is trendier than mine. Did you see that thigh-slit dress in Australia? One hasn’t flashed such flesh since THAT see-through dress at St Andrew’s.

She seems to be Princess Perfect, shining in front of the camera and getting up every morning at 5am. I don’t even do that with three young kids.

I’ve tried watching Suits to have something to chat about over high tea, but she always moves the conversation on to her celebrity friends.

We’re fundamentally different people, but I do want to bond with her for the sake of my husband.

What can I do to help build up a rapport? Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

DEIDRE SAYS: American showbiz stars have a different style from the upper echelons of British society and it would have been natural for you to feel threatened by Meghan’s arrival.

But don’t let her confidence fool you. You are the one who is going to be Queen, you are the one who is settled right inside the bosom of the Royal Family and loved by all. If Meghan has seemed to try to throw her weight around, some of it is down to US “assertiveness”, some of it to sheer nerves.

It’s great Meghan and Harry are making room for her mum to come over for lengthy stays after the baby. It would be a great ice-breaker and good family-bonding move if you got her together with your mum.

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