She was showing me a car on her phone a couple of weeks ago when it pinged and there was a message from her manager. All I saw was, “Are you OK?” with kisses at the end.

She’s been very secretive about her phone since then. She pulls up outside my house and is texting before she gets out of the car.

If a message comes in she won’t let me look. She puts it face down. And she’s defensive when I ask who is messaging her. She says I can look at her phone any time, then refuses when I actually ask to do so.

I’ve known her for six months and we are both 23. Should I be worried?

DEIDRE SAYS: It does sound as if she may be hiding something.


Everyone is entitled to their privacy but her behaviour has changed, especially around her phone.

Ask if there are problems in your relationship that need sorting. You’re more likely to see off a rival that way than by monitoring her phone use.

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