She’s 19 and I split up from her dad three years ago.

She and my son, who is 14, came to live with me but once her A-levels had finished she said she was going to live with her father 200 miles away.

My son doesn’t see his dad after an argument before my ex and I split up.

He slapped our son across the face for being cheeky. My daughter says it’s all my fault.

I’m 40. I wanted my daughter to visit so my children and I could all be together at Christmas but she says she’s staying with her dad. I feel as if I am losing her.

DEIDRE SAYS:  If you pressure her you’ll be playing into the “battle” of you and your son versus your ex and your daughter.

Tell her you love her and you’re sorry if she is being affected by tensions.
Is there a midway point where you and your son could meet her for a meal together before too long if not over Christmas?

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