I’m 25 and he’s 28. We’ve got a baby girl together. We argue because of our sex life.

I should be able to say no when I’m not in the mood but he goes on and on, touching and kissing me to the point where I shout: “I said NO!”

Last night he started again. I slapped him away and he said: “Do you want me to stop then?”

I said: “Yes, obviously I do.” He got all huffy, saying we’d not had sex for months.

But we did it last week. It’s putting me off having sex with him.

DEIDRE SAYS: Tell him at a non-sexual moment that keeping on trying to arouse you when you’ve already said no amounts to sexual harassment and risks putting you off altogether.

He must accept no means no, but in return you will try to initiate sex sometimes so he knows he’s wanted.

You are more likely to feel in the mood if you feel in control – and if he takes over putting your baby girl to bed some evenings so you can have a quiet moment to yourself.

My e-leaflet on Different Sex Drives explains more.

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