He used to smoke but he gave up just after we got together four years ago. He is 37, I am 36.

I knew a few weeks ago that he has started again because I could smell it. He denied it.

I told him I don’t mind the smoking so much as the lying.

The problem is that he now smokes all ­evening, which he didn’t do before. I ­cannot bear to sleep next to him because the smell is horrible.

He says he has brushed his teeth and used mouthwash and he can’t do more but I just do not want sex with him.

DEIDRE SAYS: The fact that the smell and taste lingers, and how off-putting this is to non-smokers, is often not understood by smokers. But I think your anger about him putting fags before your feelings is getting in the way too.

It is an addiction and a serious risk to his health. He may take more notice if you stress you worry about his wellbeing.

My e-leaflet on Stopping Smoking explains how he can quit for good.

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