A furious mum claims her toddler was flipped over in her buggy after a bus driver took a corner "too fast".

Panicked Jade Grove quickly pleaded for the vehicle to stop while other passengers "just watched".

Three-year-old Robyn was left "incredibly frightened" and Jade, 29, claims the Stagecoach driver did nothing to help as she tried to right the buggy.

Instead, she says, the bus in Margate, Kent, continued up a hill.

"I called out 'please can you stop the bus?' as I was struggling to pick it up and it was rolling up the bus," said Jade.

"Everyone just watched me – no one helped.

"My daughter was incredibly frightened and shaken but they all just sat there, ignoring what was happening.

"I took Robyn up to A&E to get her checked out as she had a big bump on her head and bruising on her chin."

The mum said the buggy's brakes were on and Robyn was strapped into the pushchair, and she was sat next to her.

Jade also said bus firm Stagecoach took weeks to respond and she only received a "pathetic apology".

She said: "They offered to send a bus for me and Robyn to go on and said she could run around on it and ring the bells, but why would I do that?"

"Surely that just teaches her it's okay to run around on a bus.

"I just want them to accept what's happened, to actually respond to my emails so I can take this further and give me a sincere apology."

Stagecoach spokesperson Matthew Maytum confirmed a complaint has been made and investigated.

He said: "Our local team offered to meet with the parent and child involved, but this was declined.

"We take incidents such as this extremely seriously and we're keen to get back in contact with the parent to discuss what happened.

"The safety of our passengers is always our top priority."

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