Michelle Obama and her stunning thigh-high Balenciaga boots had some canine secrets to spill in Brooklyn, New York, during the final stop of her Becoming book tour on Wednesday.

During her interview with Sarah Jessica Parker for the event, which was held at Barclays Center, the former first lady shared a glimpse into her family’s post-presidential life. Transitioning from living in the White House to a “regular” home in a Washington, D.C., neighborhood has come with its surprises, as Jezebel pointed out. For the Obama family’s Portuguese water dogs, Sunny and Bo, one of the most confusing changes has been the addition of … a doorbell.

“Bo and Sunny were like, “What’s that?’ ” Obama told Parker and the crowd gathered for the event.

“They’re just now going to the door when the doorbell rings. It’s taken them two years. It’s the door, people are coming,” she added.

It may seem strange, but as Obama points out in the clip above, Sunny and Bo didn’t grow up with the ding-dong of a doorbell at the White House.

Even more jarring, though? The reaction of visitors when Obama answers the door. “They’re like, ‘Ahhh what are you doing?’ ” she said. “It’s like, ‘It’s my house. I open my door. Please come in.’ ” Gladly!

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