There’s been a ton of speculation surrounding Meghan Markle and her relationships with the royal family. Of course, as a newcomer from a new country and Hollywood background, Meghan’s arguably a different newcomer to the family than Kate Middleton was when she married Prince William. Notably, Kate had broken a 350-year long tradition, being the first commoner in centuries to marry into the royal family. Meanwhile, as reports surfaced that Meghan and Prince Harry are planning to move out of Kensington Palace and into Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle, there were rumors that it was due to “tension” between the brothers. Moreover, others speculated that such tension could be traced to the relationship between Kate and Meghan.

Now, the Telegraph has reported that Markle had actually made Kate cry in the period leading up to the royal wedding. The publication said that they had “spoken to two separate sources who claim Kate was left in tears following a bridesmaids dress fitting for Princess Charlotte.”

The reporter who has made these bombshell claims, Camilla Tominey, is noted by the Daily Beast as being a reputable journalist. They noted that Camilla broke the news that Markle and Harry were dating, which points to the quality of her sources.

“Kate had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional.”

There’s no more information about the incident other than that, so it’s hard to know what transpired, exactly.

Of course, royal fans know very well that things weren’t exactly peachy in the days leading up to the wedding. After all, Thomas Markle had just been busted for selling staged paparazzi photos to the press, which was a huge cause of stress for the royal family.

It’s also believed that around the time that Meghan supposedly made Kate cry, was when the Queen became displeased when Markle wanted to wear an emerald-encrusted tiara. It would have probably been allowed, however, there wasn’t a way to authenticate the origins of the emeralds, which led the Queen to put her foot down.

Moreover, Prince Harry was reportedly in a touchy mood in the time leading up to the big day, exclaiming that “Whatever Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

Whether all of this stress was due to the Markle family drama or not is something only the royals know. Meanwhile, Meghan’s American family has kept up their seemingly incessant relationship with the media. This has included dad Thomas, half-sister Samantha, half-brother Thomas Jr., and now nephew Tyler Dooley.

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