A film director has revealed he once offered to buy Meghan Markle a drink at an LA party – but made a rookie mistake in the process.

Rob Perez, who wrote 40 Days and 40 Nights, has spoken of the encounter which happened before the Suits actress, 37, began her love story with Prince Harry .

Recalling his brush with the now Duchess of Sussex, Rob described how he was at an event in the City of Angels when he spotted Meghan.

He "worked up the courage" to approach her and offered to buy her a drink.

"Amazingly she said yes," revealed Rob, who is also now a NBC sports media personality.

However, he went on to make a rookie error – potentially ruining his chances of ever having any romance with Meghan.

Instead of buying the drink for the Duchess then and there he "got distracted" watching the New York Knicks basketball team.

"When I came back she was gone," said Rob on Twitter .

"I drank both drinks and went home to play GTA.

"Now she’s engaged to a damn PRINCE. L. The end."

However, Twitter users have pointed out the silver lining and that at least he got to have two drinks to himself.

One said: "Sooo you got drunk and played GTA? Doesn’t sound that bad."

Another added: "You both are in better places now, my man. Her a little better than yours. haha."

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