A young father who threatened his partner to burn their house down has been allowed to return home after his wife said she wanted him back.

Josh Trigg, 24, met his future wife in February 2017, but she only realised he had become addicted to prescription drugs the following year, Hull Crown Court heard.

Last year, she returned their home in Bridlington with one of her children from a Christmas trip and found that Trigg had smashed the bedroom window to get in, Hull Live reports .

Kate Riekstina, prosecuting, said: "She didn't trust the defendant to have keys even though they lived together at the property."

Trigg has become more aggressive and threatened to beat his wife on several occasions.

In February this year, Trigg asked for cannabis when they came back from a funeral where he had a few drinks.

He punched a hole in the living room door and threatened to burn the house.

Trigg then got a two-litre bottle of petrol and started pouring it around the living room.

He grabbed a piece of tissue paper, rolled it up and put it towards the gas cooker after realising his wife made a report to the police.

He shouted: "If you don't hang up I'll f****** burn the house down."

An investigation by firefighters later found 'ignitable' liquid in six locations in the house.

Mrs Trigg later made a retraction statement, saying her earlier account was 'all true' but she did not want to attend court.

She also wrote a letter 'supporting the defendant, saying he needs help'.

The court heard Trigg had 29 previous offences, including assaults on his mother and step-father.

He admitted assault by beating, two offences of criminal damage, and threatening to destroy or damage property.

He has a 14-month-old child with his wife and is step-father to her two other children, the court also heard.

Mrs Trigg gave emotional evidence before Judge Mark Bury, and said she and the children wanted him home.

Judge Bury said he would defer sentence for six months to see if Trigg could stay out of trouble and cooperate with a relationship course run by the probation service.

He told Trigg: "You are a very lucky person. It's about time you realised it. You've got a job to go to, you have a home, you have a wife, you have children.

"There are many people in this world who don't have those things, and essentially, if you throw it all away it will be your fault, won't it?"

His sentence will be adjourned to October 21.

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