Man whose long toes ‘looked like ET’s fingers’ and curled inwards when he wore shoes has an operation to shorten them on My Feet Are Killing Me

  • Foot & Ankle Surgeon Dr Brad Shaeffer is visited by Russian patient Vahko
  • He is asked to reduce the size of Vahko’s second toe on both of his feet 
  • Dr Shaeffer admits Vahko has one of the longest toes he’s ever seen on a patient
  • The episode of My Feet Are Killing Me airs tonight on Quest Red at 10pm

A foot and ankle surgeon is challenged with operating on a patient with one of the longest toes that he’s ever seen in My Feet Are Killing Me.

In tonight’s episode of the Quest Red show, Dr Brad Schaeffer, of New Jersey, is visited by Russian patient Vahko who says his toes are long enough to be mistaken for fingers and hopes to have life-changing surgery to reduce their length.

Removing Vahko’s shoes, Dr Schaeffer is stunned to see both of his second toes sticking out and curling inwards when he puts his shoes on.

‘It was one of the longest toes that I’ve personally seen,’ the foot and ankle surgeon says. ‘They almost look like E.T. fingers! They’re so long!’

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Vahko (pictured left, with Dr Shaeffer) explains that his toes seems to be growing daily and he has to cover them with bandages because of the pain 

BEFORE: Dr Brad Shaeffer is challenged with reducing the size of Russian patient Vahko’s two second toes on tonight’s episode of My Feet Are Killing Me. Pictured: Vahko’s toes before surgery

AFTER: Dr Shaeffer creates a surgical plan to reduce the size of Vahko’s toes and to ease his discomfort. Pictured: Vahko’s toes after surgery 

Speaking about the daily struggle he experiences with his extraordinarily long toes, Vahko says: ‘So my toes are a little bit long, the second one. When I wear shoes it hurts me really bad. I have to cover my toe with a bandage, that’s my problem.

‘Sometimes I call my toes fingers, because they look like fingers!’ It looks like it grows out every day, you know?’

Dr Schaeffer examines Vahko’s feet as he continues to express how much discomfort they cause him.

‘It really is a big problem for me,’ he says. ‘Sometimes I think I’ll get a knife or scissors and cut it myself!’ 

Dr Shaeffer reassures Vahko that he has a plan to correct his toes and books him in for surgery.  

Dr Shaeffer explains that the most challenging part of Vahko’s surgery will be achieving the correct length that he’s asked for

‘So to fix Vahko’s toe, my plan is to saw down the toe, shorten the toe and then suture is back in place,’ he says.

Despite Vahko’s nerves on the day of his surgery, Dr Shaeffer is confident that he’ll be able to deliver his desired results. 

He says: ‘So the most complicated part of Vahko’s surgery is achieving his desired length. So I need to get it just right so that he’s happy after the surgery.’

After wheeling him into the Operating Room, Dr Shaeffer gets to work, making the incision into Vahko’s toes. 

Dr Shaeffer makes an incision into Vahko’s toes and begins cutting the head of the bone to reduce the length (pictured)

With the bone saw, Dr Shaeffer begins cutting the head of the bone to shorten the toe, slowly cutting away at the bone.

Removing the head of the bone from the toe, Dr Shaeffer makes a note on just how big the piece of bone is. 

‘As you can see the head is very large,’ Dr Shaeffer says, holding the piece of bone in his hand. 

The next step is for Dr Shaeffer to shave down the bone and remove the fatty tissue, before placing steels rods down the middle of Vahko’s toes, allowing them to set and heal straight.  

Dr Shaeffer completed the operation on both of Vahko’s feet (pictured), advising him to give it a few weeks for his bones to fuse together

Repeating the process with the other elongated toe, Dr Shaeffer stitches Vakho up and wheels him out of the operation room.

‘We’re going to leave this wires in for a few weeks, that’s going to allow Vahko’s bones to fuse together and it’s going to allow the length that we just achieved and that he wanted,’ he says. ‘He’s going to walk around that beach confident, so I’m really happy with the result.’  

Dr Shaeffer is excited to see the results of his work when Vahko returns for a follow up appointment a few weeks after the operation.

‘He had really long toes, and hopefully they’re short enough for him and he’s really happy.’ 

Vahko (pictured) appears confident as he returns for his follow up appointment, gushing that he’s now able to wear any shoes

Dr Shaeffer declares the procedure a success, saying ‘right now, this is night and day difference’

A dapper Vahko radiates confidence and smiles from ear to ear as Dr Shaeffer slips his shoes and socks off to have a look at his toes.

‘Right now, this is night and day difference,’ Dr Shaeffer says, examining his patient’s feet. 

‘After taking off Vahko’s shoes I’m very excited, because looking at his feet and looking at those toes and they’re short enough, the parabular is perfect!’ 

And Vahko himself is delighted, admitting that he has a whole new lease on life. 

‘I feel very comfortable now, so much more comfortable than before,’ he says. ‘Now I can wear any shoes, sandals also. It makes me happy!’

My Feet Are Killing Me airs 10pm on Tuesdays exclusively on Quest Red, or stream on dplay 

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