A photographer is convinced he has captured the ‘ghost’ of a World War Two pilot on camera at an abandoned RAF site.

Dean Simons, 33, is an urban explorer with an interest in abandoned war sites around South Wales.

He says he was exploring with his friend, Gareth Edwards, 35, when he recorded the spooky apparition.

The pair were checking out the abandoned air raid shelters near what was once RAF Llandow, WalesLive reports.

They were setting up to take footage of the area for a video when Dean, from from Bridgend, noticed something lurking in the doorway of the decoy bunker.

He is now convinced he has captured on camera the ghost of a World War Two pilot.

After returning home, Dean launched his own investigation into the history of the site and found there was a plane crash in the next field on July 10, 1941.

Sergeant Marion Arthur Plomteaux died when his plane "stalled during practice dogfight and spun into the ground at field adjoining Llan Lane".

Dean says he still plans to carry on looking at RAF Llandow before moving onto RAF Stormy Down – but promised never to return to the decoy bunker site.

He said: "I would never go back to the decoy site even if I was paid, I truly think what I caught on camera wasn’t good and didn’t want us there because that pale white face and black hair will stay with me for a while."

RAF Llandow is a former RAF station which opened in 1940 and closed in 1957.

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