Because nothing says Christmas like a candy cane bubble bar.

Every year, Lush fans wait with bated breath for the eponymous Christmas collection to launch and every year, it does not disappoint. Lush is known for its kitschy bath bombs, glorious gift sets, and festive knot wraps around this time of year and, as ever, the company is committed to cruelty-free products and sustainable packaging to make shopping there a guilt-free experience. The Lush Christmas collection 2020 has just dropped, and while there is an extensive range of buys, I’ve picked out seven I think are really going to make waves this year.

I’ll be honest, it was hard to pick just seven. The huge selection has offerings for absolutely every taste, style, and most importantly budget, making it one of the most comprehensive collections to date. Old favourites such as the Snow Fairy line and Butterbear bath bomb are back again, this time with new gems such as a bath bomb shaped like a purple hippo. Yes, for real.

You can shop the entirety of Lush’s Christmas collection over on their website now, but if you want to know where to start, give my edit of the seven best buys a look over. I have featured everything from single bath bombs to blow-the-budget sets, so there will be something in here for everyone.

Lush’s 12 day advent calendar is made from totally recycled cardboard, and features some of the most exciting buys from the Christmas collection to keep your whole body feeling fine this festive season. It’s a great alternative to some of the super expensive calendars out there.

Snow Fairy is the Lush scent most of us will associate with Christmas, and this year there’s more options than ever before. This cute little bath bomb will make your bathroom smell like bubblegum, and your bath look like an explosion of pink. Cute.

The amount of wastage that comes from Christmas packaging and wrapping paper is rather unthinkable, but Lush’s reusable soft knot wraps are a GREAT alternative. This one is so incredibly cute I actually can’t get over it.

Every Christmas collection has a blow-out option, and this is Lush’s. It contains a whopping 31 of the brand’s Christmas goodies, and is the ultimate buy for Lush addicts.

This affordable gift is so freakin’ adorable I actually cannot. It contains four Lush Christmas bath bomb characters, including Butterbear and the new, ultra-charming, I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas.

This bar smells like Bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils and looks like Christmas. It can be used over and over again for more than one bubble bath too, meaning it’s GREAT value for money.

This cute little shower jelly is back for another year, and I’m so glad it is. It has a refreshing scent of apple and grape, with a hint of neroli, and looks exceptionally adorable on your shower ledge.

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