Lance Bass opened up about his friend Lisa Vanderpump and gave his opinion on why he thinks the drama on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ is ‘not her fault’, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL.

Lance Bass, 39, spilled the tea on how his friend Lisa Vanderpump, 58, is doing, and revealed what he thinks about the drama surrounding her and her reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife at the Sir Richard Branson‘s Virgin Fest announcement, the former NSYNC member admitted that something big between Lisa and the other cast mates “went down” but he blamed the tough times between them all on a lack of secrets and miscommunication.

“There’s definitely something that went down,” Lance EXCLUSIVELY told us. “I think when you’re in a situation with these ladies and a cast like that, you’re always looking for drama and you have to understand that when you’re on a reality show your secrets don’t stay secrets because everyone sees your confessionals. It’s hard to keeps these friendships going after such a long time when there’s all of this drama that’s been happening, but yeah, something went down.”

Although Lisa sometimes tends to be blamed for a lot of the headline-making feuds between her and her castmates, Lance insists it’s not her fault. “It one hundred percent was not Lisa’s fault at all, and of course, a lot of miscommunication, a lot of people assuming things which was basically the whole storyline of any Housewives show, but I think at this point she was like, ‘You know what? Screw it. I don’t even need to bother with this,” he continued. “Hopefully she’ll be able to stay on the show. I told her, ‘Look, you’ve got Vanderpump Rules! Let’s just focus on that.’”

When we asked Lance if Lisa’s bothered by all the drama, he didn’t hesitate to admit that she’s been sensitive to it all, especially at a time when she’s still dealing with grief over her brother, Mark Vanderpump‘s, unexpected death in Dec. 2018. “Of course it gets to her,” he said. “She’s very tenderhearted and I think especially that her brother died this year, she’s still getting over that which I don’t think you can ever get over. Coupled with that and having to film with a drama on the first day. You know, it’s got to hurt. Her brain is in other places because she’s still thinking of her brother.”

Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres on Feb. 12 on Bravo.

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