‘RadarOnline’ says that Vanderpump, and the rest of the cast, want Jax gone.

A new season of Vanderpump Rules is about to get started, and the latest buzz is that Lisa Vanderpump might have finally had enough of Jax Taylor and his controversial behavior. The rift between the two of them has caused many to think that this will finally be the time that Jax gets fired for good.

Radar Online is reporting that Jax Taylor’s recent behavior has finally pushed Vanderpump over the edge, and that she wants him fired — according to an on-set source.

“Lisa just feels like she created a monster with Jax and she does not like the person he has become.”

Taylor is said to be furious about the fact that he barely appears in the trailer for the seventh season of Vanderpump Rules.

“Jax was so bothered by the fact that he barely appeared on the trailer and it has been a huge blow to his ego. For the longest time, Jax truly believed that he was God’s gift.”

After six seasons and various fights, arrests, and more — Vanderpump, who is the executive producer, finally wants to be rid of Jax. This time, perhaps for good.

“Jax is such a baby and he has recently been fighting with the cast of 90 Day Fiance for months. He really feels like his fame is threatened by their show.”

Lisa Vanderpump was willing to forgive many things from Jax, but he crossed a line when he insulted a transgender fan on social media.

A Vanderpump Rules fan named Jenn had some input about the decor of the new bar, TomTom.

“Tell @Lisavanderpump the décor looks beautiful, but it looks like there’s a little too many pink stools – maybe add some black ones to make it a little more manly.”

For some reason, this set Taylor off — and he lashed out against Jenn.

“The only thing that looks manly is you sweetie. Stop taking male hormones not attractive.”

Despite the fact that Lisa Vanderpump is very fond of Taylor’s fiancee, Brittany Cartwright, she will not tolerate hate speech.

“If it weren’t for her Jax would have been gone last year. Lisa made Jax and she can unmake him too.”

Rumor has it that Jax and Brittany will be able to get married on the show in Kentucky, but after that, Taylor’s luck has finally run out.

Per the Inquisitr, Jax and Brittany decided to have their wedding in her home state at a venue called The Kentucky Castle in Versailles, Kentucky. A date has not been given, but the wedding is supposed to happen at some point this coming summer.

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