Lisa Vanderpump has given her most detailed response yet on whether or not she will return for season 10 of ‘RHOBH.’ She revealed she’s had a ‘disappointing’ last couple of months with her co-stars.

Lisa Vanderpump is still on the fence about returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after her tumultuous season nine where she has refused to be filmed with her other cast mates. The 58-year-old reality star and restauranteur appeared on The Talk on Nov. 27 and openly weighed the pro’s and con’s about being on the show. She’s been with the RHOBH since it’s inception and isn’t sure she wants to return for season 10. “I don’t know yet, we’re going to see how this plays out,” she coyly revealed.

“This season was very difficult for me…I kind of floundered this season. It’s my ninth season and I had difficult year, after doing Vanderpump Rules and opening a new business, things got very complicated, so I’m in most of the season, but it got a bit complicated,” Lisa  continued. Her beloved brother Mark passed away suddenly in April and she was so bereaved that it pushed back the current season’s filming by several months. In August she opened up a new restaurant in the heart of West Hollywood called Tom Tom, partnering with VP stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz.

Lisa then responded to whether or not she’s contemplated leaving the show in past seasons. “I think when I’ve had a couple of rough seasons, yes then I’ve thought ‘Am I crazy for going back?’ and I think anybody who’s watched the show when they’ve seen me be under attack a little bit it’s been hard.” Still, she’s extremely grateful for the life she’s had thanks to RHOBH.

“But I’ve also gained so much from this show. I mean it’s given me so many opportunities, platforms for things I’m passionate about. I mean the Vanderpump Dog Rescue Foundation…and to speak on behalf of the LGBTQ community and work with the Trevor Project with suicide prevention, so many things,” Lisa explained.

“The Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center, we’ve rescued out 780 dogs. The television vehicle is just so powerful and I have used it to my advantage as well and to support the things I’m passionate about. And I’ve had a bloody good time a lot of the time on the Housewives and sometimes it gets a bit rough,” she continued.

The animal lover confirmed that the rest of the RHOBH cast did not attend her third annual  Vanderpump Dogs Foundation gala on Nov. 15. Kyle Richards has always been a big supporter and Dorit Kemsley has also attended. But not this year. “I wasn’t in a great place with them so the fact that they didn’t come was disappointing but the fact is it hasn’t been great the last couple of months,” Lisa revealed, confirming the tensions between her and the rest of her co-stars.

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