The full-flavoured Hortus liqueur is infused with spiced ginger, nutmeg and clove and is bound to give your taste buds a whirl.

The sweet and delicate drink will be perfect for quieter drinks with loved ones.

The punchy drink is also extremely versatile. It can be added to Prosecco to make a , and it costs £11.99.

Paul McQuade, Head of Buying for Spirits at Lidl UK: "In the last 12 months our premium Hortus Gin Liqueurs have continued to grow in popularity.

"We have expanded the Hortus range, offering our customers a wide range of new and exciting Gins and Gin Liqueurs.

"The newest addition of the premium Hortus Spiced Plum and Cinnamon Gin Liqueur is perfect for  the winter season, especially when served hot."

News of this treat comes after research revealed festive drinks from coffee shops contain up to 14 spoonfuls of sugar per cup.

The Christmas-themed beverages have been on sale since the beginning of the month, and some of them contain almost a quarter of an adult's recommended daily calorie allowance.

Caffè Nero’s Belgian truffle hot chocolate contains the most sugar of the drinks analysed by online retailer

With the drink reaching colossal sugar levels of 56.9g, it contains almost twice the recommended daily sugar allowance for an adult and equivalent to approximately 14 teaspoons of sugar.

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