Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga ‘aren’t surprised’ that fans have been shipping them hard & ‘find it sweet,’ a source close to the two of them told HL EXCLUSIVELY!

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are both pretty amused by fans who have been ardently calling for the two of them to start dating and eventually get married in the wake of Gaga calling off her engagement to Christian Carino. A source close to the two A Star Is Born actors nominated at the 2019 Oscars told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that they aren’t surprised by these fan reactions at all. “Both Gaga and Bradley Cooper find it sweet and laughable at the same time that fans are saying they will get married some day, especially since Gaga announced the end of her engagement this week,” our source told us. “They have been hearing the chatter since they began working together as everyone has told them their on screen chemistry is insane, so of course they aren’t surprised especially now that she is single to be hearing this now more than ever. They expected this even before filming began.”

When it comes down it, the two are just friends and amazing collaborators. “They would love to work together again in the future,” our source went on to say. “Gaga really wants to be taken as a serious actress and she really trusts Bradley’s opinion. She’s gone to him many times for career advice. He’s become such a mentor to her.”

Meanwhile, Bradley is completely happy with his girlfriend Irina Shayk — he even wants to have more kids with her! “Bradley is really happy with Irina and Gaga knows that,” our source continued. “She’d never, ever even go there with Bradley since he’s with Irina as that’s not her style at all, so it’s hard to say what would happen if Bradley were in fact single. Bradley has said he really wants more kids and soon with Irina, proving just how happy and committed he is to her.”

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