Are some dogs more photogenic than others? No! All dogs are beautiful. But there are certainly dog owners that Instagram more than others, as discovered.

The online voucher code company recently went on a quest to find the most popular dog breeds on Instagram. To figure out which pooches were getting the most posts, the site looked at hashtags associated with each breed. For example: #pugs, #pugsofinstagram, #pug …

While there were millions of posts for each breed, after crunching the numbers, it was clear that some dogs are more #blessed when it comes to Instagram exposure.

See if your favorite breed made it on to the “Most Instagrammed Dog Breeds” lists — and if you don’t see your pooch in the Top 10, it’s time to get posting!

1. French Bulldog – 39.2 million posts

2. Pug – 29.3 million posts

3. Chihuahua – 27.6 million posts

4. English Bulldog – 24.6 million posts

5. Labrador Retriever – 19.1 million posts

6. Golden Retriever – 18.6 million posts

7. Siberian Husky – 17.8 million posts

8. Dachshund – 17.1 million posts

9. Pomeranian – 15.5 million posts

10. Yorkshire Terrier – 14.8 million posts

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