Kylie Jenner wouldn’t miss Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’ tour for…well, the world! We’ve also EXCLUSIVELY learned why touring with Travis is so much more fun than when she was on the road with her ex, Tyga!

Travis Scott, 26, kicked off his Astroworld tour on Nov. 8 in Baltimore, and his number one fan was there with him. Kylie Jenner, 21, has joined her baby daddy (and baby daughter, Stormi) for Travis’s new tour and, as a source close to the KUWTK star EXCLUSIVELY tells, she’s having the time of her life. “Kylie is absolutely loving being on the road with Travis. She’s having a blast and loving every minute of being a tour wife,” the insider says. While this isn’t the first time she’s been on tour – having joined her ex Tyga, 28, on the road in the past – the comparison between T-Raww and La Flame is night and day for Kylie.

“It’s so different with Travis than with Tyga,” the source tells “He makes her feel like she’s a part of everything and that she’s essential to his life, whereas with Tyga she always felt insecure and as if she was getting in the way when he was performing. With Tyga, there was always this huge entourage and the inevitable groupies hanging around. Kylie felt like she constantly having to compete for his attention, and she was never attractive enough. But with Travis, she feels like the most gorgeous woman in the world and like there is nobody he would rather be with.”

“Plus, Travis is all about the music, and not the trappings that come with it—with Travis it is Kylie and family first, then his music, then everything else—she truly feels blessed to be with him,” the source says. Travis clearly felt “blessed’ at the start of his tour. Before the first show, Travis took a moment to walk around the stage with his daughter, Stormi, up on his shoulders. While his face wasn’t visible in the video Kylie took, it’s safe to say he felt proud of both his tour and his brand new baby girl.

Travis made sure to make time for Kylie during his Astroworld stops in Florida. He took his baby mama out for a sweet date in Miami, and the two were photographed holding hands. How sweet! The two will have plenty of time for romantic dates across the country, as Travis’s tour is will continue throughout November and December. The Astroworld tour wraps up on Dec. 19 out in Los Angeles, conveniently right before Christmas.

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