The reality television star pushed for the measure to pass and even met with President Donald Trump about it.

Kim Kardashian’s next turn could be in the world of politics.

The reality star and entrepreneur was a major backer of a criminal justice reform bill that ended up passing this week with bipartisan support. Kim’s support for the reform made it all the way to Washington and a visit to the White House, and a source told Hollywood Life that its passage has Kim thinking about other avenues into politics.

“Kim is overjoyed that this bill passed, it’s one of the proudest moments of her life because she was able to participate in making real, positive changes that will directly impact so many people,” a source told the celebrity news outlet.

“It’s very emotional for her, she feels like this [fight for prison reform] is one her purposes in life so it’s immensely gratifying to have her hard work pay off like this. She’s feeling even more inspired to keep working to change the world for good, she has a lot she wants to do and is nowhere near done. She’s just getting started.”

The bill is aimed at eliminating sentencing discrepancies and reducing jail overcrowding by being more lenient on first-time and non-violent offenders. In supporting the measure, Kim highlighted the case of 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was sentenced to life in prison in 1997 for a first-time drug offense. After a visit to Donald Trump in the White House, Alice was pardoned and support for the larger justice reform grew.

After it passed, many people pointed out the importance of Kim Kardashian’s support. The reality television star helped to generate support among younger generations by sharing the story across social media, which resulted in a rare accomplishment in Washington — a major reform that Democrats and Republicans both agreed with.

Political commentator Van Jones told TMZ that without Kim’s support and her trip to the White House, it may not have passed.

“Let me tell you something… if Kim Kardashian had not gone to the White House and talked to Donald Trump, we would not have passed this bill,” Jones said.

It was not clear how Kim Kardashian may be planning to continue her involvement in politics, but reports suggest that it more likely be issue advocacy than running for office. After her husband, Kanye West generated controversy with his support of Donald Trump and a much-criticized trip to the White House, reports claimed that Kim wanted nothing to do with politics.

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