While the entire country and then some spent last night anxiously watching two presidential candidates toss the race of a lifetime back and forth for hours, finding sleep somewhere north of gridlock at 1 a.m., a couple of smitten lovers floated through the streets of New York.

Katie Holmes and new boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr. looked inseparable on the tense night as they walked through Soho (likely after hitting the polls, as Holmes hinted she'd be doing). But it wasn't just their arm-in-arm gait that made the two seem like a close-knit pair: They also continued their weeks-long streak of matching in their favorite face mask.

Evolvetogether has become the de facto mask brand for virtually every celebrity across the country (at least we're united on one front), and Holmes has favored its masks religiously since rejoining the outside world following months of quarantine. After dating rumors began sparking between Holmes and Vitolo Jr., it was their twinning Evolvetogether mask moment captured in September that solidified their relationship status. Since then, the infatuated duo has scarcely left the house without strapping on a matching set of masks from the brand — even casually mirroring each other in its rare deep green version.

Last night, however, the pair took their twinning tendencies even further, wearing elegant fall outfits that looked strikingly similar. Holmes wore a camel colored double-breasted Nanushka coat and Vitolo Jr. wore a houndstooth single-breasted coat in the same color family; Holmes wore a black felt fedora and Vitolo Jr. wore a newsboy cap; and they both wore timeless black leather boots.

The couple (and so many other A-listers) has endorsed the brand so heavily, Evolvetogether experienced three sitewide sellouts over the course of a month. Thankfully, it just restocked a mind-blowing six million masks to get ahead of demand, but given sales records we're confident inventory will run through again soon enough.

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