It says a lot about tonight’s jam-packed Game of Thrones episode that Jon telling Daenerys that he’s a Targaryen – aka her nephew, aka the true heir to the Iron Throne – was only maybe the fourth or fifth most memorable thing that happened. Between Jaime knighting Brienne, Arya and Gendry hooking up, that Florence + The Machine moment and Tormund’s general existence, there was a lot going on! But the Jon/Dany confrontation did finally come, and people were naturally having many, many feelings about it on Twitter.

A lot of people also made the extremely important point that Dany seemed more concerned about Jon’s lineage insofar as it threatens her claim to the throne, rather than the fact that she’s been banging her nephew. I know incest is a little more of a gray area in Game of Thrones than in, say, the real world, but nonetheless!

Also, perhaps the most important Jon/Dany moment of all actually happened during Sansa and Dany’s heart-to-heart, and when I say “important” I mean “devastating to Jon”. After declaring her love for Jon, Dany noted that she’s only trusted one man so implicitly before. Who might that be, Sansa asks? “Someone taller.”

Yes hello, 911? I would like to report a murder.

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