Joe Jonas is an art buff.

The “Sucker” singer, 31, showed his love for Italian artist Piero Fornasetti with a new neck tattoo.

Though the design, which was done by artist Nal, actually depicts opera singer Lina Cavalieri and is part of Fornasetti’s iconic artwork that can be seen on everything from candles to tableware and ashtrays, fans went crazy thinking it was inspired by Jonas’ wife, Sophie Turner.

“SOPHIE’S EYE? Nah this tattoo wins,” one person commented on Nal’s Instagram shot of the artwork, which features an eye peering through a keyhole on the back of Jonas’ neck. “Is that……. Sophie?! 😲 IT LOOKS INSANE!!!,” another said.

The keyhole came a few days after Jonas showed off three other Fornasetti depictions of Cavalieri on his arm — including one sipping tea, which could be a nod to Turner’s favorite phrase, “that’s the tea.”

Jonas hasn’t revealed the true meaning behind his new ink, but he is an art history buff; the middle JoBro has tattoos dedicated to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso.

Though this particular series of tattoos may have nothing to do with his wife at all, the pop star does have more than one dedicated to Sophie. The two have coordinating “To Infinity and Beyond” tattoos, he has the number 15 to signify the day he proposed and both have matching portraits of their late dog, Waldo.

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