After 8 years of Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween candy prank, it never gets old! Once again, he asked parents, to tell their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy and the reactions are EPIC! You’re not going to be able to stop laughing!

For the last right years, Jimmy Kimmel has managed to rally parents from all around the world to help prank their own kids on Halloween! And, this year, there was no shortage of epic moments and major laughs. Here’s how the “Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” #YouTubeChallenge works: Parents film their children after emptying their candy bags, and telling them that they ate all of their sweet treats. All of the reactions are different, which makes the prank so good! Some children throw fits, some cry, some scream; Meanwhile, others had surprising reactions, telling their parents it’s OK and, “I’ll share!”

Then, there’s the kids that give it right back to their parents, saying, “I’m very disappointed in you!” — It’s hysterical! Kimmel aired the segment on Thursday, November 1, right after he collected all of the Halloween videos. “Once again, you really answered the call,” Kimmel told viewers Thursday. “We got over 1,000 videos; we went through all of them. We narrowed it down to the best of the best.”

One kid wasn’t even concerned that his candy was gone, but instead, showed worry for his father’s health! “He’s gonna get sick!”, the boy told his mother. “Then you can poop! And my daddy can poop — all over this floor!” Meanwhile, another little boy did the opposite and punched his dad’s head, causing his hat to fly off! and the other hitting his dad’s arms.

Then, the tables turned on Kimmel, when some of the kids learned he had something to do with the missing candy! When one father asked his daughter if she likes Kimmel, she said, “No!” Then, after another mother blamed Kimmel, one of her sons yelled, “He’s an idiot! He’s a freakin’ idiot!” Now, that was funny.

And, then there were the kids that are too smart to fall for such a prank. “Oh, no. This is fake. I know this,” the boy said. “You have showed us the videos! I know!” Oops, it looks like mom forgot she let the cat out of the bag before. — Never underestimate the memory of an observant child! The video concluded with another little boy putting Kimmel in his place! “Wait! Jimmy Kimmel! Do you know how many years do you think you’re going to get away with his?”

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