Jennifer Nettles continues to be confessional and vulnerable with her music, this time serenading us with her new, relatable single, ‘I Can Do Hard Things.’

After reuniting with her Sugarland counterpart, Kristian Bush, and recording a stunning duet with Josh Groban, Jennifer Nettles is returning to her roots with a honest and heart-baring single titled, “I Can Do Hard Things.” With the new song, which, to me (a devout Jennifer and Sugarland fan) is reminiscent of her powerful ballads “Stay” and “Keep You,” the 44-year-old details evolving and growing as a human while simultaneously making hard decisions that help facilitate that growth and strength. “When I was a young girl and when I was a young woman, I definitely indulged in what is this dualistic fantasy that things are right or wrong. That if something is bad or something is making you sad or whatever it might be, then you need to change and move to something else and that will make you happy,” Jennifer told in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

“While there are some pieces of that, that are true, what I have learned in becoming a grown woman and maturing into motherhood is that sometimes that doesn’t then mean that you’re happy to make the change,” she continued. “Change is hard for what it is and sometimes you could experience both loss and purpose. You could know you’re moving toward the right things even though you are losing something and that’s hard.” In “I Can Do Hard Things,” Jennifer sings, “I’ve lost people and money/To become the woman I am today/And I’ll still be becoming tomorrow/Maybe losin’, but still choosin’ her anyway.”

“Sometimes things are hard and sometimes that you’re doing them at all means you’re doing them well. Sometimes showing up says you’re doing well,” Jennifer told HollywoodLife. She revealed her inspiration in writing this song wasn’t only a reflection on her younger self, but also the cathartic words of Glennon Doyle in her book, Love Warrior. “In it she says basically, I realized that I can do hard things. We are made for hard things. We are made to do this,” Jennifer said. “We are made to walk through the fires just as much as we are for the joyous moments too. Life doesn’t have to be all hard and all that, but the reality is we can do this. We are made for this. Those words really resonated with me. That I can do hard things. That I thought that really also fits this inventory that I was taking of my life.”

Make sure to listen to Jennifer Nettles’ new single “I Can Do Hard Things” and keep an eye out for her upcoming tour dates with Josh Groban and in Sugarland!

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