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Stylist Live is coming to you at home this year, with 18 empowering talks, practical workshops and some much-needed laughs. Scroll down for more details on what to expect.

Stylist’s annual festival of inspiration is back and, this year, we’re streaming live to you at home. Our themes for the weekend focus on helping you stay connected, calm and positive with three virtual stages hosting live sessions to keep you entertained.

Standard tickets are just £15. And if you’re quick you can get your hands on a VIP ticket for £30 which includes gifts worth £60+ and one month’s subscription to Stylist’s weekly digital edition*.

Tickets give you access to over 18 sessions of expert interviews, practical masterclasses, lululemon sweats and conversations with some of our favourite comedians, authors, actors and activists. See who’s joining us below…

Saturday 14 November 

When: 10:55
Where: STAY CONNECTED stage with Armani My Way
What: Let’s all take a breath after a WTF year with Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil kicks off Stylist Live @ Home with a nurturing call to arms. She’ll be talking about how to recognise burnout, what this year has taught her, how we can uplift others and finishing with her focus as she goes into 2021.

When: 11:30
Where: STAY CALM stage with lululemon

What: The art of rest in a pandemic with Claudia Hammond

Claudia Hammond, award-winning author of Emotional Rollercoaster, Mind over Money and Time Warped will be looking at the art of rest in a pandemic, speaking about how we can unwind and recharge our bodies for a more restful and balanced life.

When: 12:30
Where: STAY CONNECTED stage with Armani My Way
What: How to be an anti-racist ally with Sophie Williams

Sophie Williams (@officialmillennialblack), a dedicated anti-racism advocate and activist who has spoken on panels for Reuters, Afrovisibility, We Are Stripes and Girls Talk London will be using her breadth of experience and knowledge to discuss what it means to be an anti-racist ally. 

When: 14:30
Where: STAY POSITIVE stage
What: How to adapt and thrive in a new working world with Elizabeth Uviebinené
 & Fiona Thomas (in partnership with Logitech)

With our working world turned upside down, we’re all in need of some no-nonsense guidance. Both Elizabeth and Fiona have written about the power of creative freedom and will be giving you practical tips on embracing change and learning to thrive, whatever the world throws at you.

When: 16:15
Where: STAY CALM stage with lululemon
What: The importance of kindness; Poorna Bell and Shareefa J in conversation

Poorna Bell, award-winning journalist and author of Chase The Rainbow, and Shareefa J, London based presenter and plus-sized model, will be in conversation discussing the importance of kindness –to ourselves and others – now more so than ever.

When: 17:15
Where: STAY CONNECTED stage with Armani My Way

What: Keep creative and carry on: what motivates actress Ruth Madeley

Ruth Madeley, named as one of BAFTA’s Breakthrough Brits in 2017 and who you’ll recognise from the TV series Years & Years, will be sharing what motivates her as an actress and how she swears by keeping creative as the key to carrying on. 

When: 18:10
Where: STAY POSITIVE stage
What: Joan & Jericha’s life lessons: sage advice from Stylist’s favourite agony aunts

Brace yourself for this one, because Joan Damry and Jericha Domain authors of new book: Why He Turns Away: Do’s and Don’ts, from Dating to Death will make you laugh out loud while feeling wildly uncomfortable at the same time – we will say no more. 

Sunday 15 November 

When: 10:30
Where: STAY CALM stage with lululemon
What: School of Stylist: meditation for women who can’t seem to meditate with Marion and Linda Williamson

School of Stylist returns with Marion and Linda Williamson, co-authors of My Mind Won’t Shut Up! Meditation for People Who Don’t Meditate. They will be smashing common myths about meditation and showing you how to recognise unhelpful thoughts and replace them with kinder ones. 

When: 11:45
Where: STAY CALM stage with lululemon
What: The whole body guide to good mental health with Kimberley Wilson

Kimberley Wilson, author of How To Build a Healthy Brain and former Bake Off finalist, will be sharing practical tips to ease anxiety and improve your mental strength with a nutritional focus.

When: 12:45
Where: STAY CONNECTED stage with Armani My Way
What: Finally there’s women like us on TV; how television got refreshingly real with Weruche Opia, Hayley Squires and Gbemisola Ikumelo

We’ve always known that women are multi-faceted, messy and complex. And 2020 is the year TV caught up, with shows created by, and starring, women that authentically represent the female experience, exploring themes of sex, power, consent and mental health. Three women leading the charge, I May Destroy You’s Weruche Opia, the star of Adult Material, Hayley Squires and BAFTA winning creator of Brain in Gear and actor Gbemisola Ikumelo join us to talk about how women have been reframed on screen, and what still needs to be done.

When: 14:30
Where: STAY CONNECTED stage with Armani My Way
What: Mates, mental health and Malteser addiction: Grace Campbell and Scarlett Curtis in 

Scarlett and Grace come together in conversation discussing everything from their latest book releases to campaigning, to Maltesers as a means to surviving lockdown. You can be sure to count on this one to make you laugh. 

When: 15:30
Where: STAY POSITIVE stage
What: School of Stylist: Don’t be afraid: how not to let fear hold you back with Brita Fernandez

Brita Fernandez, Executive Director of Women for Women International and author of Fears to Fierce, hosts an interactive School of Stylist session focused on recognising your fears and learning to use them to give you strength.

When: 16:30
Where: STAY CONNECTED stage with Armani My Way 
What: Bake it till you make it; the power of pastry with Ravneet Gill

Whether you’re a banana bread aficionado or still have a sourdough starter sitting sadly at the back of your fridge, it’s fair to say we’ve all gone a little baking crazy this year. The award-winning chef and future Junior Bake Off judge joins Stylist to look at how going back to basics saved us during lockdown.

When: 17:40
Where: STAY POSITIVE stage
What: 10 amazing things to emerge from 2020 with Sophie Duker and Olga Koch

Stand-up comedians Sophie Duker and Olga Koch will be offering a refreshing take on 2020 by looking on the brighter side and listing some of the positive things that have actually emerged from this year. 

£1 from every ticket purchase will be donated to Women for Women International, our official charity partner.

*Please note, due to delivery restrictions VIP tickets are only available to UK residents. VIP gifts are to be redeemed online on the weekend of 14-15 November.

All content subject to change.

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