Well, he’s got the “wet ass” part.

Jack Black is scandalizing TikTok with a silly, soaked version of the “WAP” dance as performed by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion in this summer’s sexiest single.

The comedian was filmed sporting only red Speedo bikini briefs on what appears to be a skate ramp. During the 15-second video, the 51-year-old actor gets literally hosed down as he gyrates, twerks and pounds his fists on the ground.

The slick and sopping performance by the “Jumanji” actor has already raked in nearly 23 millions views on TikTok, plus another 85,000 on Twitter via Fandom.

While Cardi and Megan wrote the book on “WAP,” it’s clear from the comments that Black has given the two women a run for their money, with viewers calling his choreography “majestic” and “a treasure.”

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