Get ready Selenators. HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Selena Gomez is hoping to make a big return in 2019. See the details here!

This is the BEST news! Fans of Selena Gomez, 26, will be happy to hear that they can expect to see more of of the “Wolves” singer in 2019. Sel has remained out of the spotlight for the majority of 2018, but she’s hoping to get back to work in the new year, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned. “Selena is sitting on a ton of new, unreleased music,” a source close to the singer shares. “She is waiting to be in a place where she feels strong enough physically, emotionally and mentally before she releases any more music or a whole album. Selena knows it will take a lot of energy to support a new album, and even possibly a tour, so she wants to wait until she feels 1000% before sharing more music with her fans,” they continue. “She is hoping 2019 will be a big year for her, a big comeback, with more acting, more music and a return to social media too. She loves and misses her fans and can’t wait to get back to work.” HollywoodLife has reached out to a rep of the singer for comment.

The exciting news comes on the heels of Selena’s brand new ad campaign with Puma, which marked her first public endeavor since her September 2018 hospitalization. While it’s not clear whether the ad was shot before or after her hospitalization, it was great to see Selena looking SO happy and healthy in the video. The ad, which the brand shared on Instagram, shows Sel, and a number of other young women sharing some serious inspiration. They take turns talking about what makes them “strong,” and Selena proudly describes herself as a “risk taker.” Tell em’!

The always honest singer talked about the new campaign in an intimate interview with Elle magazine. The interview revealed some new details about her life that made her more relatable than ever! “I always like to have some quality where I bring out the best in a girl, ’cause I was that girl, I mean I feel insecure all the time, I feel awkward,” she said, when speaking of her new Puma collection, Strong Girl. “It’s something where I feel like I can connect with them through music, through film, and now I get to do it with this,” she added. 

We are so excited that Sel is well on her way to releasing new material! It’s been a tough year for the singer, since she was checked into the hospital, due to an alarmingly low white blood cell count in connection to her 2017 kidney transplant. We hope that Selena is feeling better each and every day, and will be back on the music scene sooner than later!

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