When James Charles was named the first-ever CoverBoy in 2016, the world went wild over him. At the time, Charles was just 17-years-old and making history in the cosmetics industry. Since then, his star has risen and his private life has become a topic of speculation for many fans. One question on fans’ minds right now is, is James Charles single? In all honesty, it looks like he might be!

In a November 2018 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Charles revealed that he’s not terribly fond of dating apps or pursuing romance in that way.

"My [dating app] accounts always get deleted because they think I’m cat-fishing. So rude!" he revealed.

Apparently, the 19-year-old prefers face-to-face contact as that’s what he feels is worth his time.

"I don’t have time,” he told ET. “I just need a boyfriend like, right now. I don’t want to sit here and scroll through people and message back and forth. Like, hello, no!"

All that said, the search for a boyfriend continues and Charles was pretty open with ET about how much that drives some of his comments on social media.

"I am sister single, always, unfortunately for me. But I am always trying, despite my thirsty comments and stuff," Charles said. "Those are a joke and light-hearted for a lot of the guys I talk to on a very daily basis, but you never know."

That clarification about his sense of humor came just a month after Charles apologized for making sexually-charged comments to Shawn Mendes in October 2018. When Mendes posted an Instagram Live video of himself juggling, Charles commented, “can you juggle me like that?” which got people’s attention.

Around the same time, Mendes reportedly expressed some discomfort with Charles’ comments at one of his album secret sessions.

Not long after, Charles apologized for his comments on his official Twitter account:

But Mendes reached out to James, denying he ever said anything negative about Charles:

To make matters even more complicated, fans were also speculating that Charles was dating fellow YouTuber Grayson Dolan at that time. While fans went wild with rumors, Charles and Dolan kept relatively mum on the matter. At this point, it seems like the rumors were just, well, rumors.

In December 2018, Charles even addressed the absurdity of certain rumors surrounding YouTubers and their relationships:

So, Charles’ search for love got a little bit complicated in late 2018. Soon after, he was trying his luck again, this time with an unknown love interest. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to be working out as Charles posted on Twitter in November 2018.

I suppose that leaves Charles at square one, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Right now, Charles seems focused on doing what everyone else is at the moment — obsessing over Ariana Grande. In recent weeks, Charles has been tweeting quite a lot about Grande and her new music. He’s even fantasizing about having a get-together with Grande so they can get closure on their drama from 2018.

It remains to be seen whether that will ever happen, but hey, at least he wants to make amends! In the meantime, he’s busy growing his YouTube makeup guru empire. Something tells me he doesn’t have to much time to be worried about his relationship status!

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