A notorious sex club has celebrated its upcoming return to Moscow with the release of footage from its previous Russian party.

The founder of US-based Snctm — which originated as an elite club in Beverly Hills and costs $65,000-a-year for membership — posted the footage online.

Described as a “glimpse inside Moscow III,” the footage shows leather-clad bodies writhing on top of one another under soft red lighting.

Founder Damon Lawner wrote: “We fly to Moscow on March 29 for another mind-blowing event there. I can’t say enough about this incredible Masquerade!”

“If you are a single gentleman, or couple who desire to experience the erotic party of your wildest fantasies and upscale dreams, there is nothing that can touch Snctm Moscow.”

Lawner previously told The Sun he came up with the idea for the club after watching “Eyes Wide Shut” six years ago.

In one scene, Tom Cruise’s character finds himself at a satanic sex party held in a mysterious mansion. At the time, father-of-two Lawner was feeling the same disillusionment.

Lawner, who is now divorced, says: “It’s like a very upscale black-tie cocktail party. But you’re seeing very surrealistic, ritualistic performance.”

“Then after midnight, it seems to evolve into this party where people want to get undressed and make love.”

The parties are restricted to just 100 guests, and women always outnumber men by about three to one.

Men must wear black tie and women wear dresses or lingerie. Masks are mandatory and phones are banned.

There is also a meticulous vetting process that sees Lawner’s team sift through thousands of applications.

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