Ever wondered how to pronounce IKEA or Chinese brand Huawei?

A language coach has revealed how to properly pronounce lots of household brand names that most of us have been saying incorrectly for years.

Vlogger English With Lucy has posted a video to her YouTube channel explaining how to properly pronounce 11 brands from the Swedish furniture giant IKEA to luxury watch brand Rolex.

The video has garnered more than 95,000 views with people rushing to comment about how helpful they found the clip.

One wrote: "You make our life so much easier with your videos!"

The clip starts with Lucy explaining how to pronounce Chinese technology brand Huawei.

As it’s a Chinese name, there are lots of variations on how to pronounce it but she adds: "It should be ‘huah-wey’."

Another brand that’s also often mispronounced is the software brand Adobe.

It’s pronounced ‘uh-doh-be’ but lots of people cut off the ‘e’ at the end.

Next up is everyone’s favourite weekend haunt, IKEA.

Lucy says it should be pronounced: ‘ee-kay-uh’ as seen in the Swedish brand’s TV ads.

Those who’ve done up their kitchen will have come across  German company Miele.

The name of the high-end producer of domestic appliances is supposed to be pronounced ‘mee-l[uh]’.

Next on the list is Japanese brand, Sega which should be said like ‘seh-gah’.

Lucy said: “I have very happy memories of playing these games as a kid.”

Taiwan-based computer hardware and electronics company Asus is probably one of the most unusual ones with the correct pronunciation being ‘ei-zooss’.

Lucy added: "This one definitely shocked me."

One of the major brands that we’ve probably all been saying wrong is Samsung.

Android users will be shocked to hear it’s supposed to said as ‘sam-song’.

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