My sister continued to have sex with this man, even after their relationship was over – and after she’d married someone else.

I am 43 and I know I should not have become involved with him but I know he has always felt something for me.

When my sister and he stopped seeing one another, I could not resist.

I agreed to go away with him for the weekend. It was a nice hotel in beautiful surroundings and we spent hours in bed having sex.

He says his relationship with my sister was purely sex whereas he really loves me.

DEIDRE SAYS: If he is no longer with your sister and she is now married to someone else, he is free to choose a new partner.

I don’t believe the “girl code” stops you having a relationship with him either. Your sister has moved on.

Explain the situation in confidence to your sister and ask for her understanding.

Then the rest of the family should fall in line.

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