He is 26. I am 25. He was unwell as a young man, underwent operations and has had a few knock-backs from girls.

I am prepared to teach him what he does not know. It could be fun, but he is very inhibited.

When I try to show him what I like in bed, he says sucking nipples makes him think of babies.

He won’t even discuss oral, let alone try it.

It is as though he has no sex drive at all. He is not like most hot-blooded males I have known. He does not initiate anything and has no idea about foreplay.

He always says he’s tired but I wonder if it is actually just an excuse.


DEIDRE SAYS: He may find it threatening that you are more sexually knowledgeable and sophisticated than he is.

Make a fresh start with him, beginning with the basics, touching and arousing one another.

Encourage him to discover what touches and techniques he enjoys.

My e-leaflet How To Have Great Sex explains.

If that doesn’t work you may have to accept this relationship isn’t for you.

If he is too frightened to explore sensuality, he’ll not make you happy when it’s clearly important to you.

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