I don’t really believe in it and she’s known this from the start.

My feeling is that we should not be told when to make a romantic gesture.

I compromise by getting a card, putting nice words in it and buying her flowers.

I deliberately don’t go over the top. I cook us a meal and we spend time together.

She is 42, I am 43 and I feel we should be past making a fuss.

This year she was annoyed because I left a card out for her rather than posting it. She said she did not like the “cheap” flowers I bought her.

She said she could not believe I didn’t go to a proper florist rather than the supermarket. I feel that whatever I do, it will not be enough.

DEIDRE SAYS: I under-stand your feelings about Valentine’s Day. It is now very commercialised.

But how much effort do you genuinely invest to make your wife feel loved, cherished and desired all the other days of the year?

If you got that right, she would care no more than you do about February 14.

Buy her some wonderful flowers next week and tell her how much you adore her.

If that doesn’t ring true, then there’s the real issue, not Valentine’s Day.

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