Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently announced that they’re expecting their first royal baby. The gender of the child is still unknown, but there have been some clues that Harry and Meghan’s way of parenting may be a bit different from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s parenting style. Here’s how we think one royal couple’s mom-and-dad style will differ from the other.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will parent different than Prince William and Kate Middleton. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Harry and Meghan don’t want their baby to assume any royal role

The couple recently said they don’t want their baby to assume any kind of royal title. Upon birth, the royals are typically given a title, which they keep for the rest of their lives (Harry and Meghan are “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex,” for example). But this royal couple has decided against giving their children a royal role. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are known as such. But Meghan and Harry’s new baby will just be, well, a baby.

The couple wants to keep their child out of the spotlight, unlike William and Kate’s children

Harry and Meghan want their child to have the most normal life possible. And that requires keeping the new baby out of the spotlight. William and Kate aren’t wrong for putting their kids in the spotlight — after all, it’s the royal family. But Harry knows all too well that being in the spotlight means every decision while growing up is criticized. (Who can forget his naked photos?) It makes sense that he doesn’t want his children put under the same microscope.

Meghan and Harry want to be more hands on than William and Kate

When it comes to being hands-on parents, Harry and Meghan don’t want to rely much on the help of nannies. Sources close to the couple have said that they both want to be involved in the daily activities of their children, including picking them up from school. They also reportedly want to get their children involved in charity work from a young age. Plus, the two want their children to choose normal career paths to help them live more of a commoner life rather than a royal one. The couple hasn’t confirmed the source’s words, but it doesn’t seem far off.

William Kate are under more pressure to parent well, since their children will someday rule

Harry and Meghan want their child’s life to be filled with normalcy. But for William and Kate, normalcy isn’t an option. It may seem as though Will and Kate aren’t putting their children first when they keep them in the spotlight, but the couple is definitely under more pressure to parent than Harry and Meghan are. After all, Will and Kate’s kids, specifically George, will someday rule. This means the couple has no choice but to raise them the royal way. Harry will likely never be king, so he has more freedom in his parenting techniques than his brother. However, regardless of how each of them raises their children, we’re certain both couples will make phenomenal parents and keep their kids close.

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