I honestly believe that figuring out how to resolve a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the most important elements of being in a relationship. I mean, let’s be honest. Even the least confrontational people on the face of the planet are still going to get into disagreements with their partners from time to time. And that’s OK! No two people are going to be totally on the same page about every single topic. A disagreement here and there is inevitable. But how you manage to make it through those disagreements is the difficult part.

Needless to say, fights can be lethal for a relationship. If mishandled, even the silliest disagreement can spiral into a breakup. But if handled correctly, even the most heart-wrenchingly exhausting fight can wind up leaving your relationship even stronger than it was before the fight began. But how do you manage to actually resolve a fight with your partner instead of making it worse? What should your next step be once you realize the two of you definitely don’t see eye-to-eye on any given topic? Well, seven women in relationships just shared on a Reddit AskWomen thread the way they resolve fights within their relationships and their tips couldn’t be more helpful. Read along and take note, people!

They talk it through immediately.


They found a happy medium that works for them both.


They don’t rush the resolution.


They make an effort to remain calm.


They take time to formulate their thoughts.


She lets him run and he always comes back.


They avoid fights all-together by talking through disagreements.


One thing that becomes abundantly evident here? There’s no one universal way to resolve a fight with your partner. Different methods work for different couples! Spend some time trying to figure out what method would work best for you and your partner.

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