Electricity bills have jumped by an average of £32 a month according to comparison website comparethemarket.com. Households are using more electricity than usual during lockdown. But one energy provider is offering customers five days worth of free electricity, so how can you take advantage of this offer?

Comparethemarket’s survey found extra usage during the coronavirus lockdown could lead to a spike of 37 percent in energy bills.

This could raise household bills by £32.31 a month on average or £387 over a year if similar usage continues.

Overall, around a third of households surveyed said they turned down their central heating during the day.

More than a quarter of households surveyed also said they were limiting how much lighting they use.


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How to get free electricity

British Gas is currently offering customers five days worth of free electricity through its loyalty scheme.

The offer is available to all British Gas customers on the supplier’s free Rewards scheme.

The scheme was launched in 2017 and offers discounts on restaurants and day trips.

Customers are also entered into prize draws for live performances and holidays.

To access the scheme, you need to sign up to British Gas Rewards here or through your online account.

You should then check the list of available offers and claim free energy days.

If you are already a Rewards customer, you should make sure to claim the offer before it expires on May 25.

British Gas customers can get up to 20 free energy days each year through the loyalty scheme which is dependent upon how long they have been with the company.

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British Gas customers are also entered into the draw to win three to four surprise freebies each year.

The company is currently offering five extra days for free as customers will likely be spending more time at home and increasing their usage due to the pandemic.

You are not permitted to choose which five days to take for free.

British Gas instead takes an average daily price for your usage over the period and deducts it from your energy bill.

How to save on your energy bills

Energy expert Steve Buckley said the average household could be wasting £140 a year through phantom power which is the energy used by appliances and electrons when they are turned off but still plugged in.

Switching your energy provider can help enable you to seek out a cheaper provider.

To find the best deal you should shop around and use comparison sites to compare the best deals available for you.

When you find the best deal you should switch to a new supplier.

You can also cut down on your energy bill by cooking your food in batches and freezing them.

Waiting until you have a full load before you do a load of laundry and airdrying your clothes can also be effective in making bills cheaper.

It is also advised to choose energy-efficient machines when replacing appliances.

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