I’m 53 and my partner is 56. He is a grandad and, on the day of the christening, is due to look after his three-year-old granddaughter while his daughter is at work.

I asked my son if my partner and his granddaughter could come but he refused, saying he doesn’t know the child and it will only be close family and friends.

I told my boy I will come to the church but not the party afterwards. He’s asked me just to come back to their house for an hour.

I know my partner will be really upset. He has tried so hard to get on with my son since I divorced his dad ten years ago.

DEIDRE SAYS: Don’t turn this into a feud. You will just be widening any rift between your son and your partner.

Family events can often bring buried feelings to the surface but your son and his partner should feel free to organise the christening how they want.

Why not have a small gathering at your house the weekend after as a celebration your partner can be involved in – but do ask your son first.

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