Since first releasing his debut album, Born to Run, in 1975, American musician and rock legend Bruce Springsteen has enjoyed a wildly successful career that has spanned decades. Now, as he approaches his 70th birthday, we’re left with only one question: how does he look so young? As it turns out, the answer has everything to do with skincare.

Having just released his Netflix special Bruce Springsteen on Broadway, The Boss has garnered plenty of attention from fans, both for his incredible music stylings and for his impossibly flawless skin. Even the HD close-ups on his face are unable to betray his spotless facade as he plays to the camera without showing any wrinkles or marks.

In order to find out just how exactly this nearly 70-year-old man is able to maintain such a flawless complexion, Men’s Health consulted with New York City dermatologist Adam Geyer, MD. Quite unsurprisingly, Geyer reported that in order for other aging hopefuls to have a chance of looking as youthful as this dashing New Jersey native, they’re going to have to start giving more attention to their skincare routine, starting with sunscreen.

“You need to wear sunscreen 365 days a year,” Dr. Geyer told Men’s Health. “Use a broad spectrum formula with an SPF of at least 30.”

In fact, not only is sun damage the leading cause of skin cancer, but it can also cause premature aging. In order for men to get that perfect complexion that Bruce has, Geyer suggests investing in sun lotion formulas that contain antioxidants, which can help protect the skin from harmful UV rays and slow signs of aging. Not to mention these antioxidants can also protect you from environmental pollutants and that blue light that is emitted from smartphone screens.

Using an eye cream at least once a day can also do wonders for men because the eyes are when they typically first begin to show their age, Geyer said. Additionally, exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells from the face will definitely go a long way.

Geyer also recommended that men start taking an antioxidant or B-vitamin to help internally slow the aging process.

“A recent study has shown that taking 500mg of niacinamide twice a day can have a significant impact on sun damage formation and pre-cancers,” he explained.

While he also recommended taking the supplement Heliocare to help reduce wrinkles and the harmful effects of UV rays, he advised against taking vitamins with niacin acid, as this will cause a flush in the face. Geyer also said a tip for keeping that youthful glow would be to stay hydrated, so as to help bring any dull skin back to life. While drinking water is always great for the body, he said a hydrating moisturizer will do wonders for the skin.

Lastly, Geyer encouraged men to start seeing a dermatologist at least once a year to have their skin problems monitored and to be given further treatment like laser treatments, if necessary.

Great skin health takes effort, so any men hoping to achieve the same incredibly flawless complexion that Bruce Springsteen has should not take their own skin for granted. Keeping up a consistent skincare regiment and regularly visiting the dermatologist could prove to be the key to eternal youth. Relatively speaking, of course.

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